Monday, May 19, 2008

Robby Albarado on my spit list; maybe poker's not your game...congrats to my buddy Jay

So as you know from reading my blog, Racecar Rhapsody was my choice to run second or third in the Preakness. He was well clear in the stretch behind the Big Brown Roid freak, but faded and finished fourth. A special thanks to Robby Albarado for moving too soon, going 10 wide and costing me the tri to go with the superfecta my man Scotty hit and I was fortunate enough to gravy train on. I love Robby as a person, but as a rider? He has cost me more money than all my ex wives combined.

You read it here first (again). Casino Drive pisses on Brown Boy in the Belmont. (Unless Robby gets the mount. I mean, this guy could get Curlin beat...oh yeah, I forget. He already did...)

I got murdered at the track, got blitzed, got murdered at poker Saturday night (I ain't real good when I am lit) and bounced back with a fun show Saturday morning. Our non-sports topic? People you do not want to see in thongs, in honor of Jason Giambi. It was a great show, one of my favorites. Matty is really turning in to a hell of a radio dude. We make a good team.

Matty came over and watched me play online Sunday. I learned so much from the dude. He is sick good. Better than me. I don't say that about a lot of people. I final tabled another little rebuy on Full Tilt. Went on one of the sickest card rushes ever....was down to 3K and got up to 200 in 6 hands! AK, AK, 10-10, Q-Q, and AK in six hands! This after nothing for two hours (and nothing after!).

I got called a donkey by a dude when I played small suited connectors (hey, nobody raised!) Flopped the nut straight and let him bet into me with his overpair.

I wish you could listen to me talk to the computer when I play online. I usually do my best Val Kilmer in Tombstone..."Must be a piece of a hand..."

In this case, I wanted to go Ike Clanton on him..."Maybe poker's not your game...I know...Let's have a spelling contest!"

(He did not do well with basic grammar in the chat).

I went on to finish fifth, then cashed in the 50-50 later that night. I am back on my tournament game. That's a win, two final table and four cashes in a week.

But yeah, I'm a donk.

Unrelated, props to my boy Jay Lee for his new job in Denver. Dude was my right hand man back in the Chron days but had to bail for family reasons. Jay is one of those guys who always has your back. He's also overdue to be the man. Couldn't be happier for him.

Back in the Chron days, we used to rule the cubicle. A lot of what you hear on the radio now started back there. We used to have a blast making fun of everything. He's hilarious. One of these days we will have him on the show. He's a lot like an older, wiser Matt, with the same sick sense of humor.

Looks like the Main Event will get pre-empted for the NBA playoffs. You will have to come here for your Freddy bad beat stories.

Parting shot...if you missed the Sunday show...My thong take was NO ONE should wear one unless they are a) a stripper; b) a sumo wrestler.

Most disgusting person anyone mentioned wearing a thong? John Daly.

Ugh. Gotta go throw up...

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