Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Forget the Preakness; let's talk Belmont....Resetting the eight minute date

OK, so Big Brown will win the Preakness. Over/under on margin of victory is 10 lengths. There is really nothing in here that should come close to him.
I hate that. I always look for a way to beat odds-on favorites; it won't happen here. It reminds me of the year that Smarty Jones won the Preakness; that pick 4 still paid over $700, and that's where I will try to make my money.
So forget the Preakness. They don't even need to run it. Let's just declare him the winner. (Don't worry, we'll have a longshot for second by Saturday for a nice exacta/trifecta play.
But let's be the first to start hyping the Belmont, where Casino Drive will beat Big Brown. That's a matchup we can't wait to see.
Who is Casino Drive? He's out of the same mare who has produced Belmont winners Jazil and Rags to Riches, so he'll run forever. He's only had two starts -- he won his first in Japan by almost 12 lengths. In his second start, after months in quarantine, he destroyed the field in the Peter Pan at Belmont, a huge effort for a horse in just his second start.
So bring on the Belmont. Unbeaten Casino Drive vs. Unbeaten Big Brown. Should be a blast!
OK, so enough serious stuff...One of my favorite radio stories was about the infamous eight-minute date I had recently.
A friend set us up. We met at the bar at Escalante's, one of my favorite haunts. We started small talking. She asked what was No. 1 on my list of things I wanted out of a potential mate. I gave my standard answer: 1) Sense of humor. Period. After that, intelligence, tolerance, honesty. Then I worry about looks.
She then said, "Well, I'm big on appearance. And you are pretty attractive for an older, heavyset guy. That's usually not my type."
Yeah, well, dickweeds usually aren't my type, either.
End of date.
Then again, maybe she was trying to be funny...


Anonymous said...

don't say dickweed ;)

Trish said...

Sugar Bear, I can't tell you how happy I am that big Freddy is back. Skinny Freddy had bad posture and no gravitas.

Anonymous said...

Some of us still value humour and personality first! Hug