Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A long overdue update on freaks, twitter and an awesome local band

Yeah, I know, no updates for a long time on this blog. Trying to balance teaching, radio, Examiner sports columns, and a script I need to have finished yesterday. But my son shamed me into updating and promising something every week, so five quick points and we'll be back in business:

1) Just signed a new deal with ESPN radio, so the Blitz shall endure unless I decide to leave Houston. So Falcon haters, tough you know what. It's a blast doing the show with Hoffman, the ratings are through the roof and I work with a great bunch of people at 97.5. Thanks to all of you for making us the No. 1 midday sports show since December of last year...

2) Freaks still find me. A man on the elevator after the show today started a Tantric chant and wanted to "show me his new tattoo." I got off on the third floor and walked the rest of the way.

3) If you are a serial Twitter or Facebook status updater, I am de-following/friending you. That means if you post an update on Facebook more than 10 times a day...or 25 times on Twitter. I don't need to know that Mark Schlereth is walking his dogs, or that Bennie is "waking up." Please just assume I know you are waking up every day. If not, then...well, someone else will update your status, and I will pay my last respects.

4) I am finally on Wikipedia! I've arrived! (Thanks for whoever did that).

5) Saw a couple great cover bands last week...Fan Halen from California, and Tokyo Road, a local Bon Jovi cover band. We knocked down a few with the guys from Tokyo Road after the show. Please check them out on Facebook and go see them if you are in Houston. Awesome band, GREAT musicians, very cool guys.
(Canadian hottie in concert gear)

There. Updated. Everybody happy now?

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