Tuesday, July 26, 2011

And then...

Yes, I know I need to post here more. Will try to do better. Been in a writer's block mode for a while, but now everything is flowing again, so I will keep it updated. Ten quick thoughts...

1) 14 years ago this week, we lost the best Fred Faour who ever lived. RIP, dad. I miss you every day. Dude was the funniest man I ever knew.

2) We had a great time in Canada. Will post some pictures soon. Condolences to our good friend Theresa, who lost her mom while we were there. She and her husband David are awesome folks, as are their kids, Kyle and Steven. Memo to Mack Brown: Kyle is 15 years old and is playing football. He is already 6-4. Rick Barnes has recruited Canada...Now it's your turn....

3) Stay tuned for an announcement soon on our movie project. We have an awesome director.

4) Stay tuned for a long-awaited announcement on my gambling book. Working on final financing now, and once that's done, it will hit the shelves. Hopefully something in the next two weeks. It is for poker players, horse gamblers and action junkies, with a chapter on sports betting. I am thrilled with the final product.

5) Memo to old people: You don't have to carry on conversations when you are line at the bank, store, or anywhere. I know you don't get out much, but when seven people are in line behind you, talking about your boils to the person behind the desk is too damned much.

6) Anybody watch Wilfred? Perhaps the funniest show on television. Wish I could get stoned and talk to a dog all day...

7) Stunned at how scared people are of dogs in Houston. An old lady in the next building moves faster than Kareem Jackson every time I take Derby for a walk anywhere near her...Really?

8) Props to all my friends from high school who are still rocking in bands. You guys are awesome.

9) If you can believe it, I am involved in a religion again. Good place for all of us who are accepting of all religions.

10) Not to sound like a fortune cookie, but enjoy every day. Life is awesome. We are all lucky to be a part of it. Screw the dickweeds who try to make it miserable for the rest of us.

Thanks to all of you who read this blog. Much love to everyone.