Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Caught somewhere in time; my secret addiction

Sorry for the delay in posting; haven't felt very creative. Been a rough stretch financially in UF's World and that always drains me. There are days I miss being rich. But money is like poker chips in a tournament; no matter how short stacked you get, you can always come back. It's just a way to keep score.
The Iron Maiden concert last week -- I promised to talk about the freak show. I did a whole segment on the Saturday show about it, so I won't repeat all of it. But I have one take I want to share:

If you are a woman over 50 and have extensive tattoos, do NOT wear low cut shirts, tank tops or shorts. It's not sexy anymore. It was sexy 20 years ago; maybe 10. Now it's gross.

There was one woman who had a tattoo of a bird on her leg. When she got it, it was probably a hummingbird. Now it's an ostrich.

I don't care if you have them; just cover them up.

And never, NEVER be a dude and wear black dress socks and shoes to a metal concert. I mean, back in the day, we would have beat that guy senseless. (How much has life changed? He had the hottest date there).

Finally, I have two great kids. They love my music. But they aren't hitting a Maiden concert until they are 15 or 16. There were TONS of little kids there. The worst was a dude who had his twin four-year-olds head banging. There is something really wrong about four-year-olds banging to "666, the number of the beast." Those are the kids that grow up to put their children in a freezer or hang the dog in the back yard.

GREAT show, however. Bruce Dickinson still has serious pipes, and the band was tight! I miss jamming Maiden on the Les Paul. But I digress.

Meanwhile, I have a secret addiction that makes Mariah's pants look silly.

I am addicted to Facebook horse racing.

It's stupid. It's goofy. The ap is slow. But I LOVE horse racing. Even fake little horses. I could spend hours (and I have) goofing off, betting on fake horses, and racing my own.

The real addiction is the chat. The people are all so much fun. They are from all over the world; I have my England/Europe crew; then the Canadians; then the Aussies. All good natured degenerates with a great sense of humor.

I get a sick rush out of winning fake money on the game. But I have to admit, I really like to check in to see who is there. So many cool personalities from all over the world with the same sick addiction.

If you know me, you know I love kindred spirits.

The most recent ex called my addiction "online masturbation." A clever one, she was. Kind of an overbearing dickweed, but clever.

I didn't play for a month or so. Just too busy with the updates, because it's ALWAYS a good time for vitamin water. But I missed the people. And the silly game.

The people make me laugh, a lot like the ostrich woman.

Does anything else really matter in life?


Anonymous said...

We enjoy your company at FB Horse Racing too :) Hug

Anonymous said...

Second what Hug said :-)
HR loves ya Fred!!
xx Em

trish said...

Hmm, I have bever played horse racing. I would not be nearly as likely to kick you ass at that as I am at the worlds slowest FB scrabulous game, though...

Sandy said...

I have lauged out loud on more than one occasion at some of the topics we discuss....way too funny!! HR1 is definitely an addiction and for me its the people i am addicted to. Thanks, Fred, for making it even more fun!

Anonymous said...

We here in Aussie Luv U 2 Fred! Interesting R our chats, Funny to the point of nearly wetting myself at times! My addiction is HR, & its horse owners. Look forward to more of our worldly chats

Kerri C, Nikki G, Sue S,
Helen M, Greg H xxxxx

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