Monday, May 5, 2008

I had sex with Roger Clemens and all I got was this t-shirt...

Not even a signed baseball. Yes, I was 15 at the time, but...
OK, so Roger is a little too male for my tastes, and a little too dishonest. But enough already; enough about his affairs. If media outlets want to go after him for that...check yourselves first, dammit.
I don't like Roger. I am certain he used 'roids. But who he has been involved in his personal life with does not belong on the front page. It's not fair to his kids or his wife, who didn't do anything to deserve this. He is not running for office, people.
And this BS about how the defamation suit opened it only opened things up for the jackals who wanted to pretend to be journalists.
This whole incident is so National Enquirer. I don't want to read it. (But I admit I look at the cover in the grocery store!)
Funny, however, how Roger denies roids and HGH, and he says he "relationship" with the 15-year-old was twisted out of proportion, but doesn't deny he made "mistakes."
Maybe Mindy "misremembered," too. After all, she was 15.
We have all made mistakes, Roger. I don't care what you did or didn't do, as long as no laws were broken. I do care that the nation's media has prostituted itself by quoting every one night stand it can find.
Now send me that signed baseball, dammit. I hope I was worth that.

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