Thursday, May 15, 2008

Karaoke night

There should be an unwritten rule of Karaoke. Remember the sign in Wayne's World? "No Stairway to Heaven?"
It should apply to Karaoke.
I heard it for the first time Thursday night. The dude doing it sounded like he was gargling monkey pecker. It was brutal.
However, even if Robert Plant had staggered in with a heroin needle in his arm I wouldn't want to hear it.
Throw Bohemian Rhapsody on that list too.
(Uncle Freddy is a bit of a Karaoke snob, in case you hadn't noticed).

I haven't been out in a while. These 4:30 wakeup calls make it tough to be out the night before. But I decided to tough it out and get back in the game.

Jet's "Look What You've Done" was the song of choice.

Dana and I also did a sick ass version of "Stop Draggin My Heart Around." Petty is my bitch.

Meanwhile, I have your Preakness Longshot for second -- Racecar Rhapsody.

One other random thought -- do they do penile reduction surgery too?

Just curious...

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