Wednesday, May 7, 2008

More on Eight Belles; Evil Freddy wins; Do guests screw up radio shows?

I am continually disturbed that the real issue of the Eight Belles breakdown is being largely ignored. Trainer Larry Jones says it wasn't the jockey's fault and she wasn't on steroids.
Larry, it was your fault. You had two fillies; you ran one in the Oaks. You got greedy and wanted to win both races. SHE HAD NO BUSINESS IN THE DERBY.

Be responsible in the future. You were greedy and you asked too much of her. Live with that.

If you heard the Main Event Tuesday, you heard my Monkey Man take. I have not been able to find a picture of the Monkey Man anywhere or I would have attached it. You will just have to watch the Golden Child again. (And I tried really hard to be Nice Guy Freddy, but it lasted 16 minutes). Our guests were Taylor Caby and Bill Chen. Chen is too smart for our show. He got into a weird tangent about stock prices. Even I was lost. At least El Deano seemed to enjoy it.

I wonder sometimes if guests don't screw up a show. Ours are only two hours, and they fly by. Between our callers and our takes, our shows are pretty damned entertaining. In most cases, the guests have a tendency to kill the show. I like the weird guests -- midget wrestlers, musicians...I think they add something to a sports show.

The 4:30 a.m. work days are not quite working out. Over/under is about two more weeks before I eject.

Parting thought: Chris Paul should have been MVP.

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VAnderson said...

Hi, Fred. Love the blogs, but I can't stop myself from writing to disagree with you about Eight Belles. She did belong in the race, proven by the fact that she got second. Although these are the top 3-year-old colts of this year, they are not top-class (except maybe Big Brown). It was a pretty lukewarm bunch, and she ran an excellent race. Why should her connections run for first and second in the Oaks, with a $500,000 purse, when they have a good shot to win the Kentucky Oaks/Derby double, with combined purses of $2,500,000? She was certainly not overmatched, and come on, freak accidents happen, in any sport, not just horse racing. The same thing might have happened to her if she ran in the Oaks.

Oh, and to all those people who want to change horse racing (not race until 3 or 4, triple crown races further apart and in their 4-year-old year, etc.) because we are breeding them too delicate (which I do not dispute at all) - in the long run, this will make it worse. We will just breed them even faster and more delicate, because all it will do is hide the problem.

Just had to share my 2c.