Thursday, May 8, 2008

I got flashed on the elevator

Nobody believed me, either.

It was before the Tuesday night show. A small woman, Hispanic, mid 50s, was riding to the 8th floor. The Bud Light studios -- where I was heading -- are on the 7th floor.

I wasn't really paying attention, but we were the only two on the elevator. She then said "can you look at this for me?"

I look over to see her exposed girls poking out. "What do you think?" She proudly held up her breasts.

For once, Uncle Freddy had no response. I was speechless. I think I mumbled something about this being a business office and that being inappropriate, but I suspect my answer might have been different if they hadn't been pruned and wrinkled.

What's worse? Nobody believed me. Chuck Savage didn't believe me. Julie Takahashi said I was making it up.

Abel, my early morning cohort in the studio, is the only one who believed me.

Meanwhile, I can't eat raisins now.


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