Sunday, September 14, 2008

Me no likey Ike...They did this for centuries?...KHOU wins...Moment of silence...

Just a quick update...had to come over to a friend's house to recharge the phone and computer. Still don't have electricity. More on that on a second.

If you are watching the TV, you are probably seeing a lot of damage. Some places were hit pretty hard.

Galveston took a pretty big hit. The Hooters is gone. And the Balinese room is gone, too. (See prior post). It's sad, so much history washed away.

Most of the damage in Houston is trees down and lack of power. It's really not all that bad otherwise. Reliant Stadium took a nice hit, too.

My Tom Brady stretch continues. My Apartment complex has power -- except for my building. It got hit by a tornado.

Some good news: I stayed with the ex and the kids to ride the storm out. The carport where I usually park Trigger had a huge piece of metal in it when I checked it out. So I would have been without vehicle if I had stayed there.

Drove by Reliant Stadium on the way over. It looks bad.

Our tower is under water, so no telling when 97.5 will be back on the air.

In the tale of the tape, I still give Alicia the edge, but Ike is a clear No. 2 in the power rankings.


No electricity sucks. It sucks more to hear Will or Katie or their mother say for the 600th time each day, "It's hot. I want to watch TV..."

Every time I say, "dude, they did this for centuries, you know...."

I have been slapped 14 times.


Once we lost power, it was essentially KTRH on radio or KHOU simulcast on 104.

KHOU wins. They have done the best job of staying on top of the power situation and keeping us constantly updated. KTRH spent too much time interviewing public officials who offer no insight.

About halfway through the day I switched over to KHOU and never turned back. KHOU also did a great job realizing they were no longer a TV station; most people were listening on radio.

As much as I love newspapers, this is another situation where they have become completely irrelevant. No print edition until today, and the information was so far behind, it was useless. Never got to see what they did on the web, but neither did the other 4 million people who lost power. I'm sure a lot of talented people worked their butts off to do work no one will ever see.

Props to KHOU, and props to our stations for simulcasting them.


OK, a moment of silence for the Balinese Room. I won't rehash the history, but it is a sad day. Look it up on Wikipedia. A piece of history is gone.

Don't know when I will update again, but we're all safe and ready to get past this and start making fun of things again.

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Sue said...

Dear Fred,

Glad to hear that you & your family are safe.

Sue Smith (HR Buddy from Australia)

P.S. By the way have you seen Sonny Bill