Friday, September 12, 2008

Ike 3, Norman 2, Dr. Neil 0

4:45: So far the best part of the coverage has been the battle between Ch. 11 weather men Gene Norman and the retired Dr. Neil Frank.

They pretended to work together, but they talked over each other, and Norman kept trying to make it clear he was in charge. Plus, Norman kept insisting on showing off his dewpoint graphic.

We're not interested, Gene.

Good thing Dr. Neil retired before HD TV. Ugh.

And more idiots on the beach. The waves crashing against the seawall are impressive. Twenty and thirty foot high water explosions. Come on, Ike. Suck up one of these idiots. Get the bear! Nothing would be funnier than a dude in a bear suit flailing hopelessly in the foam. This idiot almost obliged us.
It now looks like Ike will go straight up Highway 45.

On a sad note, the 61st street pier might be dead. The walkway is certainly gone. I caught my first fish there. Sniff.

Hopefully the Seawall Hooters is still safe.

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