Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Can you outplay this woman? Back on the air...

This is my sister Susan at the Borgata...
This is me at Coushatta...

Well, we know which one is better looking. (Yeah, she wins, even though she is older than me).

See any resemblance?

Might be a while for I get back to a real table again, so she is going to have to carry the flag for a while. I predict Susan or my mom will win a big tournament before me. (Unless I dress up like Batgirl and play a ladies tournament)


We've resumed normal programming at the station. The Front Page will return Sunday at 8 a.m. The Main Event will be back Monday night at 7:30 p.m. Please tune in. Hopefully we will have some fun stuff. I will use some of the jokes (at least the clean ones. Oh, wait, there weren't any clean ones...)

And the Tom Brady streak continues. No power at the casa for at least another five days. And my first morning back on the air, I break my headphones and my cell phone goes off during an update.

Um, any minute now, that good streak is coming...
As much as I was disappointed in in the days before the storm, they have done a nice job since. The main page is still too cluttered and poorly organized, but they are finally starting to beat KTRH and KHOU on some key news and we are able to keep up with the important issues now.
And my old friends in the sports department have managed to keep producing at a nice level.
KRBE deserves a lot of credit too. They did a terriffic job following up on the KHOU coverage.

Correction: The traffic hottie referenced a few posts back was for Ch. 2, not Ch. 11. While Ch. 11 still wins overall, she pushes Ch. 2 into a clear second place.

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