Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Thanks, Sage...Three's a crowd

On the surface, this looks like a sports take. But it really isn't. It's about honor and duty. About doing the right thing. About respect.

Because of that, Sage Rosenfels should do the honorable thing.

He should go all Frank Pentangeli on us.

(If you don't get the reference, go watch Godfather II again. And take three steps backward and put a shame on yourself).

Sage's coup was foiled. When a coup fails, you do the honorable thing. Just like Frank.

If you think that's extreme -- that a backup quarterback should whack himself for blowing a football game -- you don't understand the passion for football and the angst of the Houston sports fan.

This is where Choke City was born. Where a team blew a lead when they were up 35-3 at halftime. Where John Stockton is a four letter word. Where Lorenzo Charles will be shot on sight next time he enters Houston city limits. (Memo to law enforcement: Since I am writing this in advance, it counts as an alibi, because why on earth would I do something I wrote about?****)

****-Stolen from the plot of Basic Instinct. Minus the hot chick. Although you should see me in a Batgirl costume. But I digress.

Regardless, in sports -- especially football -- one person RARELY loses a game.

This was one of those days.

So Sage, I'm Tom Hagen. I'm making a "suggestion." Do the honorable thing.

Or else.


Ok, by now you know I think Sarah Palin is the devil. But I do think she is not unattractive.

(Take a second to sort through that convoluted sentence...And we resume).

So a few of us were goofing off the other night while I was trying to come up with a blog idea. Danny -- a.k.a. Captain Canada -- suggested political threesomes. (Yes, he is as sick as I am).

So while a Palin/***Condoleeza Rice/Freddy power trio would make a lot of sense (I can almost hear Lady Damien saying "you betcha" over and over), I submit there are more interesting duos that could become threesomes:
(***-Condi is sneaky hot).

1) Margaret Thatcher/Barbara Bush. Is Margaret still alive? I love the smell of Ben Gay in the morning. Smells like...victory!

2)W. and Laura Bush. I mean, he is cute, in a chipmunk sort of way, is he not? And I hear she has a Putin tattoo.

Ugh. Never mind. I have officially made myself ill.

I am off to do the honorable thing.


OK, let's see if you guys can do any sicker duos you would want to see in a threesome?

(And I am talking golf. What the hell did you think I meant?)


Chris C said...

Tombstone the Texans! Though I disagree with you on Sarah Palin, you can probably Tombstone the Republicans! Tombstone Golf! RIP lol...

I may be in for the UH game, let me know if you've got tickets! Later.

andonoff said...

Queen Mum & Maggie Trudeau

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