Friday, October 24, 2008

"Dude, you are at Weezer"

That was the text I got from my brother Patrick when I texted him from the Weezer show. It was in response to me saying, "this is the dorkiest concert crowd I have ever seen."

I don't know what I expected. But I did not expect to walk into a dorm at Rice.

My buddies Gina the Horse Babe, Jason the Music God, and C-Squared went to the show Thursday night. We were by far the four coolest people in the building. (I mean, we usually are, but this was a landslide. This was Texas over Florida Atlantic).

At some point, C-Squared, Jason and myself decided we could kick the crap out of 95 percent of the men there. Most concerts, that percentage is closer to 50-55. We're old. (Well, I am).

Dude, you are at Weezer.

And the women? Well, they could kick the men's butts, too.

This was a crowd that would have gone to see Rush back in the day. Or Yes.


Dorky guys who can't get dates. (No comments from the audience, please. Especially you, Virtual Val. I see a smart aleck response coming from 1,000 miles away).

So the show itself was awesome. The company was terrific. The Horse Babe rating everyone was worth the admission.

But the people?

I had an exchange with a dork in the bathroom. I somehow said out loud that it was the dorkiest collection of dudes I had ever seen.

He replied in a whiny, high-pitched voice. "I hope you don't mean ME."

"Yes, dude. I mean EXACTLY you."

What happened afterward will not become public knowledge.

But the Dungeons and Dragons crowd was out in full force.

Memo to the dorkos: The songs are SARCASTIC. They are not your theme songs. Weezer has a sense of humor. You do not.

Then again...Troublemaker IS kind of my theme song.

Dude, you are at Weezer.

And the opening act -- Angels and Airwaves -- was horrible. They had the energy of a sea sponge. The lead singer (formerly of Blink 182) got all rock and roll on us near the of the set and threatened to "bring the f---ing roof off the f---ing place."

Um, Ike already did that, dude. And your wimpy little song wouldn't have brought the roof off a roach motel. retrospect, maybe HE was the dude in the bathroom...


As promised, a couple new things to check out: I am now doing a sports blog on is a brilliant idea -- it is a national Web site with local writers hitting topics of interest in the towns you care about. I will be the general Houston sports examiner, so it will be things of interest in the Houston sports world. Please check it out at (It should be active very soon. I get paid per click, so even if it's not your bag, help a brother out?) It will have a much different tone from this blog. It will be more analysis and sports insight. This will continue to be about the freaks in my life. And as always, please click on the ads on this page. They pay for the blog.

We also now have a daily update on the Ticket's Website at where you can read about upcoming guests and goings-on each day on the Ticket.


On a serious note...As some of you might know, Sam Houston Race Park will not be doing a live thoroughbred meet this year. There were a lot of implications in the local media that the track simply did not want to run the meet and that the damage wasn't as bad as management implied. That is simply not the case.

No one wanted that meet canceled. It's unfortunate for a lot of reasons. Some good people -- and good friends -- might not have jobs.

But there was simply no choice.

It sucks that we won't have live racing. But blame Ike, not the track

Finally, thanks to everyone for reading and participating in this blog. You guys are creative as hell and you always keep me laughing. Not sure what I would do without you. Much love, my friends.


Patricia D'Licia said...

Weezer. . . I can do you one better. . .my husband, one of the coolest people you know, dragged me to see BEN FOLDS on Friday night. I lie not. . . at one point he actually said "This next song is in the key of F, how many flats does that have?" and the crowd gleefully yelled out "FIVE!!!!"

I always think of Weezer fans as being skinny and mod. The kind of people who wear nerdy glasses and holey thrift sweaters as a fashion statement. Those guys get laid.

I'll click on your links a lot so you'll be able to afford to go somewhere with live racing with us. Of course, Vegas has lots of great specials right now. . . decisions, decisions. . .


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