Thursday, March 5, 2009

Just for Vik...what a croc?

Since Vik the dazzling Brit wants Crocs...well, here we go:

This is an American croc. Which apparently means it is uglier than other crocs from around the world, seems hell-bent on world domination, watches REAL football on TV and probably drinks Miller Lite or Bud Light.

Oh, and he has probably been running some Ponzi schemes on the other crocs, where he somehow got to eat all the human beings with a promise that if other crocs brought him bodies, they would eventally get 20 bodies back.

That's about all the croc humor I have, except for one joke I heard a long time ago, that also happens to be a blonde joke...

A man walks into a bar with his pet crocodile.

The bartender screams and demands the man get the creature out of there immediately.
The man tries to calm the bartender down and says his croc is VERY well trained and there is nothing to worry about.

To prove it, he pulls out his, um, member and puts it in the crocodile's mouth. Then he hits the crocodile over the head several times.

After a few good smacks, he pulls it out and shows the bartender. "See? No marks. He's harmless."

The man then asks everyone at the bar: "So, would anyone else like to try?"

The blonde in the corner quickly stands up and says...

"I will...but don't smack me on the head!"


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Have a great day. And don't fall for any crocodile-inspired Ponzi schemes....

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