Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bad news, good news... a new evil that zipper...

First some bad news for those who listen to our radio shows: The Front Page and The Main Event are dead.

(OK, maybe it's not bad news. If you hate the shows, it's great news for you).

Now, the good news (or bad news for the haters):

We're starting a new show on Monday that will run five days a week and kick off our new lineup of local programming. We'll be on 1-3 p.m. Central Monday through Friday. It will be a very similar show to The Front Page -- lots of humor and fun and some goofy stuff, plus some great sports guests and takes. The first show will be this Monday. If you get a chance, listen on the stream at (You can also check us out on the new studio Web cam. Yes, I am looking good these days. Or not).

Anyway, it's good news. We have only been doing this about a year, and to move into a slot like this (and replace a national ESPN show) is a big deal. Those of you who have kept firing me jokes and funny ideas in the last year...please keep it up.

A lot of people are responsible, most notably Matt The Superstar, of course, who has carried me much of the last year.

Also, The King, Jerome Solomon, the most talented dude I know. I was an eyelash from getting a real job when he kept me in the business.

Mostly, I want to say thanks to all of you who read this blog. Also, all the funny Facebook stuff you guys do makes great material. So thanks a million.

I will be starting a new Facebook group for the show once we decide what to name it.

Of course, if we suck and the ratings plummet, I'll be flipping burgers in six months.

You want fries with that?
Also, congrats are in order for Miss Hu.

And our shameless non-Brandy blog plug of the week. Check this one out.

OK, here's a new evil plot for all of us:

I'm not very political. Never have been. Couldn't tell you if I'm conservative, liberal, or both. Depends on the day and the subject.

But I have decided to get political. Sort of.

Here's my plan:

Let's pick a politician on Facebook each week. Not a big timer like Obama, mind you, but say a state rep from Idaho.

We can start with a conservative, join their friends list and change our political status to "Republican." Then, let's update our Facebook status with completely bizarre, Liberal-leaning status updates every few hours.

"Fred is thinking the economic stimulus package is a great idea."

"Brandy is thinking we need more defense cuts and need to add social programs."

"Danny believes there is nothing wrong with hitting it with an intern every now and then, especially if she has a cigar."

Then the following week, we go conservative on a liberal:

"Fred says stop taxing and let these poor people fend for themselves."

"Dana wishes McCain had won."

"Val is Canadian and doesn't give a rat's ass about your politics. Ours sucks enough as it is."

The beauty of this is we will find out if the politicians actually read their Facebook pages, or if it is just some cigar-toting intern running the show.

Disclaimer: If you really are political, you are banned from participating. We can't start taking stuff seriously around here.


A quick follow up on the gym: I haven't seen Estelle in a couple days. I really hope she didn't die. I might have been her last chance at...urrrgghh!Never mind. I am making myself ill.

Meanwhile, I forgot one key element to working out every day:

Never forget to bring a second pair of underwear to change into after the workout.

Otherwise, you either go commando during the workout (trust me, BAD idea) or when you leave.

If you do the latter, and you are a male, well...don't get dressed and talk on the phone at the same time. The zipper is not your friend. In fact, I was an eyelash away from a Something About Mary moment.

Fortunately, we don't have a bleeder. But it was close.

(Yeah, yeah, I know. No big loss. Keep it to yourself, people).


Anonymous said...

Thanks Fred!
And I forget is it a two hour time dfference? I'd love to be able to listen to the new show.


Valerie said...

Who were you talking on the phone with, while naked? And did they know this?

Brandy Rose said...

Oh dear,, ouchie...

Fred said...

I wasn't naked. I was getting dressed. Big difference. If I was getting undressed on the phone, it was probably a 900 number.

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