Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Let's place some ads!

First, a quick plea to check out my sports blog at http://www.examiner.com/x-1519-Houston-Sports-Examiner. Need help with my numbers on that one.

And my standard gratuitous plug for Brandy's blog...

And please click on the ads for both of us.

But do it at your own risk.

It's amazing what pops up on google ads on all of our blogs. The same thing happens on gmail; if you send me an email that mentions going to the dentist, I will get 20 ads for dentists.

The Ex is a lawyer. Every time I get an email from her work address, I also get 20 ads from "lawyers in Houston," "corporate lawyers," etc.

Brandy, whose blog is Slapdash Thinking, sent me an email. The top ad was for "Slapstick Classes NYC."

Thanks, but I will pass.

One the last entry, I mentioned scary clowns. (Well, Brandy did).

The ad on my blog?

"Clowns. Payasos. Santa, Book a Clown or Santa Claus Show Or Rent the Costumes!"

I now know where to get my clown costumes -- www.classyclowns.com!

Another recent post brought an ad for Chinese mail order brides. Out of curiosity, I had to click.

I found some potential brides. Sort of.

Nam is 30 and likes men who cry. Guess that rules me out.

Wang from Beijing is 26 and wants an older man who knows where he is going in life.

Well, I'm halfway there. According to the ad, she is "ready to serve you."

Great. I will take a Jack and Diet coke, please.

Recently, on Facebook, I saw an ad that said "date a model! These models are looking for high-class men. Go to meetamodel.com!"

Um, warning, lonely men. "Model" could mean anything, including "private modeling in your hotel room."

They charge for that. (So I have heard).

(And I've dated real models. They are waaaaayyyyy overrated).

Another personal favorite:

"10 mistakes guys make with women -- the 10 most dangerous mistakes you probably make with women and what to do about them."

I'm guessing trying to date a model online would be No. 1 on that list. Ordering a Chinese bride would be No. 2.

(In my case, speaking to them is probably high on the list, too. Bad things happen. But we digress).

My new goal is when I send an email to people with gmail, I am planning to drop in a word that will bring a totally inappropriate ad without the email being obvious.

Alas, there will likely be some disappointments. The best "dickweed" brought was "DILLIGAF Store."

As for "Spider monkey?"

Search that one for yourself....

Send me your favorite Facebook/Google ads. We will see who can come up with the goofiest one.


min said...

I just checked out Brandy's Blog. The title of it is:
"Are my pelvic thrusts making you uncomfortable?"

This is the ad I got:

Brandy Rose said...

Erotic/Sex Hypnosis Scams

Yep, under my title You Will Obey Me!
And fyi, sex was not mentioned in that once thankyouverymuch.

Brandy Rose said...

Got this one today
53Yr Old Finds The Secret
31 Yrs On The Corporate Treadmill Now I Am Paid To Have Fun

Hehe, caught my eye.

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