Tuesday, January 20, 2009

If we are going to change the world, let's at least be original

While most of America was transfixed on Obama's inauguration today, I was more interested in the commentators.

It's amazing to me how much the news fossils try to be sportscasters on days like this.

Which means -- of course -- they trot out every cliche known to man.

There are entire books devoted to cliches. So you would think that some of these TV morons would know not to say Obama will "take the bull by the horns."

Or that he wasn't putting all his "eggs in one basket."


You sure about that? Maybe Obama shouldn't "Rock the boat." Maybe he should "go with the flow."

In my opinion, he is caught between "a rock and a hard place."

At least he's not "foot loose and fancy free."

(If they had gotten on Michelle's dress, they would say, "you only hurt the one you love." I mean, really. What was that lime green? She looked like a giant sherbet box. Half of America wanted its vote back).

If Obama -- who has a sports background -- starts dropping sports cliches on us, I'm going nuts.

Im mean, what if he plans to take over the world by taking it, "one country at a time?"

Will it take a "total team effort" for the U.S. to "overcome adversity?" But certainly, Obama has to believe "our guys will step up."

Regardless, I am just hopeful that we will "win as a country, and lose as a country."

After that first victory, hopefully the war won't be "a lot closer than the score indicates."

No matter what, we expect Obama to give "110 percent." Besides, "records are made to be broken."

Finally, if you hate this post, well...

It is what it is.


Quick addendum: OK, many people have told me the dress was gold. Fine. It was still hideous no matter how you slice it.

The other major concern? The Obamas can't dance. That, frankly, was completely brutal.

What's a good cliche for that? Oh yeah, two left feet. Although in this case, make it four.


The Soviet said...

his speech was boring. but i've never been a big fan of his speeches. now let's see what he does as action instead of words and cliches!

Brandy Rose said...

A different take indeed. Way to "go against the grain" Fred. :D

Anonymous said...

The dress was yellow!


Fred said...

Yeah, I am told the dress was yellow. It looked green in the beauty of HD in the studio. So it was pee yellow instead of sherbet green. Either way, it was uglier than me after a three-day bender.

Patricia D'Licia said...

The dress was citron.

Anonymous said...

Not having seen you after a three day bender I'll take your word for it! But I liked the day suit more than the evening dress. I managed to avoid most of the media coverage - sometimes its worth being Canadian :)


acoupleofprettyfaces said...

Fred, you're supposed to like that dress. As one commentator said, "She is the new face of fashion." The whole thing was kind of sad. During the campaign, at least some of the commentators tried to show some restraint in their cheerleading. We've come a long way from Walter Cronkite.

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