Friday, December 12, 2008

Odds and ends...and more odds

Disclaimer: The blogger would like to apologize for the following cheap technique. It is getting more and more difficult to attempt to be funny and entertaining all the time, 24-7. So sadly, we are reduced to this. It is cheap, it is weak, it is pathetic. But that's what happens when you get old. (I will be a small pocket pair next week. And sadly, it is not 3-3. But we digress)

Anyway, some generic odds to share with my friends:

Odds you will not laugh at anything in this post: 3-1.

Odds that you guessed I meant 55 by my pending age: 2-1

Odds I hate you if you guessed 55: Off the board.

Odds that Tom Cruise will come out in 2009: Even.

Odds of Bugs Bunny making a comeback doing entire movie as a female rabbit: 4-5.

Odds one of my friends will have a pet coyote in 2009: 6-5.

Odds that I will mention something about circus midgets, trapezes and and spider monkeys when I get stuck and have nothing funny: 1-9.

Odds I will disappear from society and walk the earth like Jules in Pulp Fiction: 4-1.

Odds that Will reads this, even though he isn't supposed to: 1-9.

Odds that you haven't laughed yet: 1-1.

Odds that a gratuitous picture of the evil clown will freak you out: 1-1.

Odds that a gratuitous picture of this ugly kid will make you laugh: 2-1.

Odds that the Canadians and Brits will find a way to add another "u" to gratuitous: 1-1.

Odds that the government will offer me a bailout: 9,999,999-1.

Odds that I get elected president and invade Canada, Australia and England, just so I can hang with all my friends in those countries: 8,888,888-1.

Odds that I am out of odds: 1-10.

How odd is that?


Brandy Rose said...

I hate you! I mean come on! Was the clown REALLY necessary!

Anonymous said...

I giggled all the way through it! But did you hae to bring out the clown??? Hu

Trish of the McInSmiles said...

Come see us more often. Its obvious you need to get out more. Um, I don't mean of the closet, although you might need to do that too. . . I just meant of the house. We miss you, and you clearly could use some additional stimulation in your life.


The Soviet said...

1) we don't want tom.

2) the clown picture STILL freaks me out.

3) you are SO not 55.

Will Faour said...

Odds that I really don't care about me reading this and I'll read everything on the blog or might already have(like the elephant one) 0-3,873,634,328,092,383,244