Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy holidays, and fear the Reindeer

Happy Holidays to everyone. Happy Hannukah, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanza, Pleasant Festivus. Whatever your day/weeks, enjoy it/them.

The Faour experience is a little bit of everything. Hannukah for the kids, Christmas with my family.

But our Christmas experience is a little different. We all get together and make fun of each other over lunch. Then we occasionally play poker and I whine about getting donked.

(As an aside, until basketball comes on, we are stuck watching Christmas movies. Why is it EVERY Christmas movie involves orphans getting parents for Christmas? What about the other 200 kids at the orphanage? I want THEIR story. But we digress).

We also make up our own Christmas stories and tell them in the car on the way to visit the family.

Last year's story was Zunoz the Blue Nosed Reindeer.

Zunoz was Rudolph's older brother, ignored by the Santa family. So he evolved into an evil genius bent on world domination, with his first goal being to destroy Rudolph and the other reindeer, take over Santa's Sleigh, and drop small thermonuclear devices on key cities. The remaining humans -- out of fear -- would be forced to worship him.

But his evil plot was thwarted by Will and Katie, and he was presumably killed.

But Zunoz wasn't dead.

Vixen went to the local North Pole bar for some pre-Christmas egg nogg when a drunk reindeer began berating her. He smashed the jukebox, hit her over the head with a bottle, and rendered a serious beatdown on Santa's Reindeer.

It was Zunoz, drunk, blue nose flaring, dressed in a dirt old elf outfit.

Zunoz was arrested by the local elf police. Santa visited, and was faced with a Christmas decision: Bail him out, get him some help and clean him up, or leave him there to rot.

That's where the story ends this year. But I like the idea of a Zunoz Christmas special each year, where he tries different ways of overthrowing Rudolph and Santa and taking over the world.

Ah, you can't beat Christmas cheer.

Happy holidays, my virtual friends.

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Brandy Rose said...

You sooo have to tell me what happens in the end!