Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Help, please! And be sure to sign off...

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Now, a bit about ethics. We have been filling in for Calvin Murphy off and on over the past two weeks. Matt brought up a brilliant ethical dilemma on the show, and it got a lot of great response, so I thought it was worth revisiting here.

One of our interns left his personal email signed on a work computer.

The ethical question: How much are we allowed to do?

Send emails to his friends? Change his fantasy roster? Change his password.

The possibilities were endless. First up, his friend Jennifer. We had to send her an email confessing that he had a "small problem." But that he was considering enlargement surgery and would she be willing to talk about expanding their friendship at that point.

Mom, of course, got the full confession. "Mom, I have been wanting to tell you this for a while, but I recently found myself. I will be bringing my 'special friend' Bruce home this weekend."

And, of course, to Bruce..."I have a confession...I am attracted to you in a special way. Can we talk about this in person? Sorry I haven't brought this up sooner, but I wasn't sure about you until now..."

So what is over the line? How much can we get away with? When do we go from funny to childish?

And if any of you get strange emails from me, you'll know I was stupid and left myself signed on and the kid got me back...


Chris C said...

I think friends are fair game but family not so much! Your boy will learn to log off and/or turn off his computer the hard way. Plus friends will understand or should. Family will just get pissed and ask him over and over if it really was a joke!

My dilemna is if you go out with 2 girls, how far can you go with each and how much should you divulge if both girls are aware you're "only dating" and not official. And then what do you do when a 3rd girl becomes an option??

Patricia D'Licia said...

I know those emails professing your man-love for my husband were really you and not your brothers. Don't try to back peddle now. You'll break his heart.
- Trish

PS- is Chris C hot?? ;)

Fred said...

Oh yeah, Trish, Chris is the man!
And those comments really WERE from me...

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