Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Crow, new Blitz scheme and more

I am a crow. Do I look like a tasty treat?

So I have to eat a crow.

As a falcon, does that make me a cannibal?

We challenged our Facebook fans to get to 1,000 before April 1. They crushed it.

Next up, if we get to 2,000 by May 1, Jong Lee has to wear a thong and go stand on the street corner with a sign that says "The Blitz Rocks."

I don't think we will get there, but the more pressing issue is I actually have to eat a crow. We're working on the details, but let this be a lesson: Never underestimate the public's desire to see you humiliate yourself.


The Blitz is undergoing some changes. We've moved to 12-2 p.m. Monday through Friday. I know it sucks for people who had just gotten accustomed to 1-4, but it's a prime time gig, should get us on the road more and should help continue to build the station's numbers. In a perfect world, we'd do a longer show, but this is one case where shorter is better. Really. (and I have NEVER used that excuse in my life).

The other change is a little less fun. Matt Dean is leaving the show. He has been accepted into the graduate program at Rice business school with a full ride. Rice is a terrific institution; a degree from there is priceless. It's a terrific move for Matt and his family longterm.

From a personal standpoint, I am thrilled for him and Persis, his terrific wife.

Yes the Blitz will continue. We've got a lot of good people who want the gig, and we'll keep the basic elements of the show.

However, it's rare in life you get to work with someone you truly like and admire. Matt is intelligent, funny, and most of all, a terrific friend.

We've all been in positions where we worked with people we didn't like. I've been fortunate in my short radio career to work with two gentlemen -- David Nuno at 1560 and Matt -- who I am proud to call friends.

In the end, Matt was too smart for radio. He has a brilliant future ahead of him, and he will do great things in this life. We will all look back and remember how we knew him back when.

As an aside, hey Matt, don't get Boggs'd at Rice by those teachers. (Gratuitous Shawshank reference).

The show, of course, will go on. It always does. And it won't suck. We'll still hit degenerate topics, have a gambling slant, make fun of everyone -- especially ourselves -- drop in great sports takes...

Most of all, we'll have fun.

But as happy as I am for Matt, it is bittersweet. He has truly made The Blitz a joy to do every day.

For that, I say: thanks, amigo, and vaya con dios.

Can you take the crow with you?


michael l. ivey said...

i will miss matt. i like JT will he be on every day? i don't think you ate crow, chicken maybe, but no crow. are you going to do a mock draft? i don't call because i am driving a truck. More NFL news or talk, no basketball or golf, thanks
m l ivey

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