Sunday, May 2, 2010

Why do birds suddenly appear...

So it is time to catch up a little. This blog is where I am supposed to mention generic freaks and weirdos, but life has taken on so much -- dare I say, normalcy -- of late, that it has been hard to come up with topics. Plus, a bit of writers block, since I am also doing the Examiner sports blog and have been working on some new, disturbing fiction. Expect some excerpts on this blog soon.

First, I have to give serious props to Curt for his artwork. He is a very talented man who also works at the college. His only flaw is that he is a Chiefs fan, which is only really a flaw if you think winning is a good thing. But he is one hell of a talented guy, and the Chiefs did have a nice offseason. So there is that.
In all seriousness, thanks Curt. Great stuff!
I did actually eat crow. It was as hideous as it sounds. I don't have much else to say about that other than I was tasting barbeque'd crow for two weeks. Ugh. I still have nightmares.
I think it was bad karma. Now, my car is constantly pelted by overflying birds, I can't get Bird is the Word out of my head and an angry grackle actually took a flying swipe at me in the parking lot recently, presumably revenge for his lost cousin.
Ah yes, a point. I have one somewhere. If you have read this blog for very long, you are familiar with my admiration (well, ok, outright worship) for the late Douglas Adams. Dirk Gently's belief in the fundamental interconnectedness of all things inspired this post.
Why I would incur the wrath of all birds over a measly crow when I have been devouring chicken, turkey and the occasional duck my entire life...
Perhaps it is the Falcon nickname? Professional jealousy?
Other concerns:
A car almost ran over me. The sticker on the window? Willowridge Eagles.
A kid threw an F-bomb at me for no real reason. He had on a Baltimore Orioles hat.
An 18-wheeler nearly runs me off the road and then of course the driver...flips me the bird.
On the other hand, this interconnectedness thing can work out. The answer to Life, the Universe and Everything in Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide is...42.
The whiskey I am drinking at the moment? 42 proof.
Yesterday was Derby Day. How did it finish?
And yes, this time I picked the winner.
Kind of makes up for, um, Mine That Bird winning last year?
(Yeah, yeah. I know. Long weird road to a bad punch line.)
A.J. Hoffman debuts full time on The Blitz on Monday. Make sure you tune in. He is a talented dude and it should make for a fun show. He is a real pro, has a sick sense of humor and will fit right in with Team Degenerate. A lot of very cool, talented people tried out, and any number of them would have made for a great show. But this one should be pretty awesome. Please check us out Monday through Friday, noon-2.
If you aren't a fan of The Blitz on Facebook, please become one. It's a fun group of wildly divergent people and there is a lot of good sports talk on there on a daily basis. Plus we'll have some show updates and giveaways on there as well.
Enjoy the rest of your day. I would rant on, but I Gotta Fly Now.


Roger in Sugar Land said...

Welcome to A.J.! Thanks from the bottom of my heart for Tuesday's spot-on imitation of Colin Cowherd. While we're on the subject, I'll preface this by saying I think Mr. Cowherd has an entertaining show & some intriguiing discussions so I'll continue to listen to him. BUT who cares what musical acts he likes, or "(doesn't) get"? Or which woman he thinks is the most beautiful? Or what filthy-rich & wildly successful comedian is, according to him, "not funny"? He rants so adamantly about things that are subjective & can't be right or wrong. And anything he punctuates with "they just don't," whatever it might be, is an overgeneralized point that he can't substantiate; and if challenged, he'd go all "I've been everywhere, you haven't, so I know what I'm talking about so you just shut up and listen" on the challenger. So feel free to do your Cowherd anytime, A.J. It is already on my personal list of things that are ALWAYS funny, like Mohr doing Walken or Caliendo doing Madden. That mimic is not throwing one of your network guys under the bus; it's just making The Blitz entertaining. Lead on!

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