Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Cough, cough; This post brought to you by Nyquil; Always look on the bright side of life

Yeah, yeah. I know. Way behind on posts. Been sick as a dog the last few days. Like an idiot, I tried to fight through it. Thanks to my man Dave for forcing me to stay home for a day. As with everything in life, I tend to go until I break.

The bad news is in radio, a cold can be damned near fatal. Not having a voice is a bit of a problem. Once people notice how bad you sound, it's time to take a break.

Our Tuesday show was pre-empted by the All-Star game, which was probably a good thing. (Except for poor Adrian P. who had to work the board for all 15 innings. Sorry for jinxing you with that extra innings comment, buddy!)

Thanks to Matty the superstar for covering for me.

Also, forgot to mention my man C-squared's birthday last week. My bad, bro. His is the 8th, too. Won't happen again.

Anyway, I'm resting comfortably and should be back on the air any day now. In the interim, here's a movie pop quiz: Which city gets nuked in Independence Day?

Football season officially starts July 25 when Texans camp opens. Life begins anew! Can't wait. There is no better sport or better time than football season. Sorry, if I ramble a little...I have been chugging Nyquil shots for two days, so I am all over the place. (I blame Val. That's my new excuse for everything. No sleep? Val's fault. Canada invades the U.S.? It's on you, Val).

I also blame you for the following story...


We told best/worst plane stories on Sunday's show, and we got off on some tangents and I never got to tell my best one. And as we were goofing off on HR and doing Life of Brian quotes with the Aussies and it reminded me, so here it is...

I was coming back from the Derby one year, and the weather was horrible. Tornadoes all over the Midwest....The flight was delayed several hours. Needless to say, I spent that time in the bar "prepping" for the flight along with a couple other folks on the same flight who I didn't know until that afternoon. They turned out to be hyper cool, and in fact one of them was sitting next to me -- on the very last row of the plane. (Memo: when it comes to turbulence, the back of the plane is always the worst).

By the time we got on the flight, we were all a little, um, Jacked up. We kept going on the plane, of course. (Bad idea, the seat belt lights were on for a loooooooong time).

When we finally did get off the ground, it quickly turned into the worst flight ever. Lots of bouncing around. At one point, the flying waitresses went into full panic mode and disappeared (thankfully they gave us our drink orders first). People were legitimately scared. The pilot came on, apologized and said air traffic control had made a mistake putting us up in the mess and please just sit tight. You could hear alarms going off in the cockpit. Lights flickered.

The plane bucked over on its side, briefly, and had I been sober at all, I would have been scared to death.

So we started tell stories about flights worse than this one, each trying to top the other. But when the plane went nearly sideways again, that ceased to work.

The people across from us were wimpering. There was an old lady with tears running down her cheeks. The drunks on the plane decided to try to make people laugh.

I don't remember who started it, but one of us started singing "Always look on the Bright Side of Life" from the ending of Life of Brian.

Then people started joining in. Before we knew it, we had a sing a long going. The old lady even stopped crying.

A few minutes later, we managed to clear the storm. The flight leveled out, and we were good the rest of the way. They started singing other songs, and it turned into a party. Continental was nice enough to provide free drinks after the experience, and everyone took advantage, except for me, believe it or not. By then I had fallen asleep (or passed out, depending on your definition).

The moral is there's nothing that a little Monty Python can't fix.

Thank God we didn't get to The Meaning of Life. The trip might have ended differently....

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Thanks for the birthday Kudos! Wasn't it Washington that got nuked? Nyquil is good but poker cures all!! Bring on Football and Fantasy Football...let the games begin!! Love the blogs Freddy!

Chris C