Monday, February 8, 2010

Perfect? Naw, not so much

Perfection is where you find it.

A joke told so eloquently it evokes the desired reaction.

Those teaching moments where you see the light come on, where someone learns something for the first time.

A day lounging on the couch with your favorite person, beer in hand, football on TV.

The pocket aces that hold up against pocket kings. Or flopping quads and having someone bet heavy.

Turning the TV on time to see a favorite movie coming on in the next few minutes.

An enchanted moment.

A horse getting up by a nose at the wire.

A hole in the clouds, with a small ray of sunlight breaking through, signaling the end of a storm.

There is a lot of perfection out there. Everywhere. Every day. Sometimes we tend to forget that; focus on the negative. The failures.

The negative creeps in our thoughts, follows us around like a mangy, wild boar, angry and aggressive.

Perfection is beating the living crap out of that boar; pounding him to a bloody, messy pulp.

OK, so this post doesn't qualify as perfect.

Sorry. Good moods don't make for good posts. Hopefully I will have a freak encounter tomorrow.

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