Saturday, June 7, 2008

Wow. What did Brown do for you?

The Belmont claims another victim.
Richard Dutrow, the cocky cheating trainer, had no answers.
Kent Desormeaux, the jockey, had no answers.
The people who bet millions on Big Brown had no answers, either.

The horse wasn't right. He had no business out there. He cost the public millions of dollars. He did even more damage to a reeling sport.

People still care about racing. The looks on the faces of the people at the track told the story; they were let down. Depressed.

Horse racing still inspires passion. Magical horses still bring people out.

In the 1920s-50s, horse racing, baseball and boxing ruled the sports world in America.

All three have been relegated to second-tier status (yes, even you baseball).

But there are moments where they still make us love them. The HR chase in baseball (phony as it was). A great heavyweight fight. And a Triple Crown chase.

Someday, people will quit believing. They will quit caring, especially if cheaters like Dutrow keep being put in this position and letting people down.

I am beginning to believe we will never see another Triple Crown winner in my lifetime. (Then again, my lifetime my last a couple more days).

Horses just can't handle it. They are too full of roids and other cheating drugs. They have been inbred for too long. And they are often trained and owned by criminals who aren't above doing anything -- even stiffing a horse.

There are more good people in horse racing than bad. I believe that. I also believe in life there are more good people than bad. Unfortunately, the bad ones keep winning.

This time, the bad guys lost. But they took a lot of good guys with them.

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