Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Cynthia Nixon naked? UGH

You can pretty much assume I will not see Sex in the City. I didn't like the series, so the movie is out of the question.

I don't have the usual male hatred of the series. Mine is slightly different.

My No. 1 bitch: Frankly, the actors suck.

Chris Noth has the personality of toilet paper. Sarah Jessica Parker has the acting skills of roadkill. Kim Cattrall hasn't looked decent since Big Trouble in Little China. Kristen Davis? OK, I like her a little.

But Cynthia Nixon might be the most hideous creature to ever show up on a screen. I don't want to see Cynthia Nixon on a small TV. I damned sure don't want to see her on HD. And I would rather have someone pour honey on me and tie me down in a fire ant bed than see her on the big screen.

And a source who saw the movie tells me she gets naked in the film.

I can't think of a more disgusting sight. Maybe Rutger Hauer in a thong. Or The Nutty Professor in a g string.

The mere thought makes me throw up my mouth.

That this troll has become a big star is disgusting enough. That the public is subjected to her naked on the big screen?

Memo to guantanamo: THERE is your real threat to national security. Lock her away, quickly.
Interrogate her. Ask her why the hell she went into acting. Ask her how she turned a chick flick into a horror film.

And get Kristin's phone number for me...

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