Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Five TV shows you should be watching...

So there will be no apologies for lack of recent posts or promises to post more. I suck, I know it, no worries. Most of my creative energy goes into the radio show, and most of my spare time has gone into building our audio book business. I had to take a day off from the show to get caught up on this and my other blog, in addition to dealing with some audio book business.

However, I did want to throw out some TV shows you might not know about for binge watching purposes. Banshee is coming back this week, and by now you know that and Game of Thrones are my Nos. 1 and 1A. But if you aren't on the five shows below, you should be...(These aren't in order of preference).

Mr Robot. My good friend Jamin (@rottweiler2000 on twitter, worth a follow) turned me on to this. Best way to describe it? Fight Club, Orphan Black and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo have a threesome and this is their kid. Christian Slater (yeah, remember him?) is amazing. Only one season, but it was outstanding. Drags a little in the middle episodes, but the last four are through the roof.

Tatiana Maslany is my second favorite Canadian. Sexy and a brilliant actress.

Orphan Black. Tatiana Maslany is an amazing Canadian actress who plays several clones. How she hasn't won an emmy is a mystery. Terrific acting, and if you are a sci fi fan, this is a must. First episode is confusing, but if you stick with it, you will fall in love with this show.

Outsiders. I admit it, I had my doubts when WGN was doing a series. But this hillbilly vs. establishment narrative is much better than expected. Solid acting -- very Sons of Anarchy like -- and an interesting plot. Worth the time and effort.

Better Call Saul. If you are a Breaking Bad fan, this is a must. If you aren't? Binge watch Bad and then get on this. Clever, well written and the acting is off the charts. Actually has fewer slow episodes than Bad.

John Oliver's Last Week Tonight. OK, this is out of the genres above, but if you like informed, funny, investigative journalism, this is a must. The current season has focused on more mainstream topics, but past years brought some amazing topics to light. He's funny, topical, down the middle politically and you will learn something each week.

Just missing the list is Vinyl. I was extremely excited about this because it was Martin Scorsese. But it has dragged, become predictable, and is shaping up as a bad Goodfellas. There is still time to salvage it, but they did not have enough subject matter for it to be a TV series. As a 3-hour movie? Would have been awesome.

So that should get you binge watching for a while. And I promise to post more often...never mind.

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Unknown said...

I'd strongly recommend watching Black Mirror given what I think you'd like. Can catch allot of them on Netflix, anthology style show that leans on sci-fi plot devices to tell hauntingly great short stories. Really great mind F material there.