Friday, April 3, 2015

A plea for help...but the blog is back

So I know this blog has been dormant for a while. I promise to fix that (I know, I have said that before). But my son has shamed me into writing more and who wants to disappoint their kid? (I am extremely proud of him. He wants to get in the creative writing program at UH. He will be a big star someday. His writing is phenomenal. He thinks it is better than his dad's, but what teenager doesn't?).

This is pretty straightforward. I will be back with some new fiction soon. I miss doing this blog. Going back and looking, there is some fun stuff on here. I need to get back to that.

As you all know, I hate cancer. Most of you knew Terry Hayes and her struggles before she passed. MD Anderson was terrific to her.

We have all lost someone to cancer or known someone who beat it. Those of you who know me have seen me post all these running photos lately. I have gotten into running 5ks and 10ks and biking like a fiend.

So the Terry Fox Run -- which the Canadian Club of Houston has brought to our fair city -- combines all those things. A hatred for cancer. A chance to run. Oh yeah, a Canadian connection, which never sucks, since my Canuck friends have branded me an honorary Canadian.

I'm hoping you will all participate and then we will all go downtown and party like fiends after. If you can't, please donate a few bucks here. Let's let cancer know we think it sucks and we hate it.

This is a cool run. There is no set donation, so you can donate a dollar and run. It's all about what you can spare, and more importantly  raising awareness. So let's do this together.

I promise more weirdness here soon. But for now, let's treat cancer like it is Ed Norton in the shower in American History X.

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Jennifer Badillo said...

All signed up and ready to run! Fuck off, cancer.