Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Yes, this blog still exists

I remember when I promised to post here more often. But staying busy and a wicked case of writer's block have contributed. But I shall do my best to not let this beast go unattended for this long again. I plan on trotting out some fresh fiction soon, and this will bet the place for it.

Why now? Well, I am at 39,019 feet on a flight to New York for Super Bowl week. As I was live tweeting the flight, I decided it might be time to wipe the dust off this sucker instead.

Plus, I'm hoping someone can explain my obsession with flight tracker, the on plane map that shows your route, altitude, speed, etc. (we're going 630 mph and are 59 minutes from landing).

It's just a plane with a line behind it and a map. It barely moves. And yet I can't stop staring at it.

So I tore myself away long enough to write this. I'm hoping a week in New York will spur on the writing juices and bring Freddys World back to life. I am sure to encounter freaks and weirdos. Then again, I'm starting to wonder about me. If you can't spot the freak or weirdo at the table...it's probably you.

It's such an awesome time we live in where you can get wifi on a plane. (Of course, it's pretty lame of me to bitch about how slow it is, but there you go).

OK, that's enough for now. I really plan to do more here. Hopefully I will follow through (I know, I've said that before). Thanks for your patience.

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