Friday, January 21, 2011

Random updates on weirdness, weight, windmills and what not

That's about as generic as we can get in a title.

So yes, this blog has been inactive for a while. I've found it harder to come up with freaks and weirdos since the radio show became daily over a year ago. Most of my bizarre stories tend to go there instead now. I will make an effort to also get them on here. (Yes, I know, I have made that promise before, and you see how that worked out. This time will be different. Really). Of course, that's the same attitude that gets you married three and a half times.

So we will briefly hit the highlights:

1) Weirdness. After almost four years in radio, I found a way to get the elephant woman story on air. Ratings went up that month. So the bottom line is people would rather hear about elephants being serviced than how much the Texans suck. Or they want to talk about Brett Favre's penis. Or Rex Ryan's toe-sucking fetish.

Thank God. Degenerates are more fun than Houston sports teams right now. Elephants, too. Think of that one next time you go to the zoo.

On weight: Not sure where I run into more freaks. The elevator or the gym. This is for those of you who insist on talking to people while you are working out. Especially in the locker room. Consider this free advice.

Speaking of the gym...OK, so weight loss is a bit of a hobby for me. I have lost a bunch, gained it back, lost a bunch more, gained some of it back, etc.

There are some opportunities for me to do some visual media this summer, but not if I look like Jabba the Hut's degenerate uncle. After weighing through several options, I chose Physician's Weight Loss Center.

I wanted a program that would get the weight off quickly, but more importantly, keep it off for good once I get where I want to be, so that I never refer to myself in Jabba terms ever again. I am going to the one on Bay Area Boulevard in Clear Lake (technically Webster, but hey, I am in radio now. I don't have to be accurate.) I chose them because I get individual care, it's doctor monitored and the program is designed for long term success. The others I did were not, or I felt like just another fat person they were trying to run through the program. These guys aren't like that, and if you need to lose a few pounds, please give them a call at 281-332-5677. Several of the Blitzers have already signed up.

I'll keep some progress updates on here. So far, the count is just over 11 pounds after two full weeks on the diet.

It's a hard thing to admit you can't lose weight on your own. I had been hitting the gym hard lately and still gained weight before I started this. If you can do it on your, that's awesome. If not, having someone help is a good thing. These guys get it. In three months time, if I still look like a troll, it's on me.

On windmills: OK, you got me. It was just alliterative and I thought I would be able to come up with something and failed miserably. So there.


We'll be doing live shows at Sam Houston Race Park every Monday from noon-2 during the racing season. I will also be out there for .50 Fridays for much of the meet, so come by, have a few .50 beers (unless you are on a weight loss program) and play the ponies. I'll also be putting picks on every day.


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