Thursday, December 17, 2009

OK, so I suck...but you know you love me

I haven't been posting to this blog much of late. Been busy, and once school ended, I kind of shut things down for a week or so. But I will do my best to get some new posts up over the holidays, because after all, if we can't make fun of our friends and families on holidays, what good are we?

So Friday is another milestone -- i.e., another slow step in the long marathon march toward death -- in terms of keeping score of years I have been alive. For the record, it will be 45, which sounds really freaking old.

Val always says age is just a number, you are only as old as you feel...blah blah blah. She is smart, cute, funny, and wrong.

I am old.

Last year, I did some kind of 44 things bit for each year. This year, I prefer to let is pass quietly into the night.

I only have a few observations/thoughts as I hurl ever closer to infinity:

1 -- What is the protocal on getting text messages from numbers you don't recognize and the people act like they know you? Respond with a simple "lol, bud?" Or, "that's funny, dude?" Do you ask who it is? Young people should be able to tell me this.

2 -- For the record, Valerie is not 20 years younger than me, despite what people keep saying. If she gets carded again in front of me, I am going to throw up.

3 -- ABBA in the rock and roll Hall of Fame over Kiss and the Chili Peppers is the greatest crime of this century. If you happen to own a stealth bomber and want to "accidently" let a missle go on the place, be my guest. Mama Mia is NOT cause for the Hall of Fame. This is an embarrassment to God and everybody.

4 -- I inherited a cat in the Val deal. If he chews through one more electronic cord of mine, he will be microwaved.

5 -- The holidays can be a depressing time for a lot of people and for a lot of reasons. If you get down or depressed, take a minute to laugh. I highly recommend this old Sam Kinison bit (warning -- the language is rated R):

Hope everyone has a great holiday stretch, no matter what you celebrate, and I promise to post more in the coming months.