Thursday, July 28, 2016

No, really, the blog is back for real this time...I have no choice

Yeah, yeah, I have said that before. I had been using this for non-sportsy stuff. But as you might know by now, no longer exists, and I need a place to start posting sports takes.
(No big loss. The site was a bitch to post on and I am not sorry to see it go). The only difference now is I will be doing it for free for the time being.

I am looking at some other sites, but until then, I will be posting my Texans/Houston sports articles here and will hopefully be hitting up some more non sports stuff as well. Now that the novel is finished I should have more time to put stupid stuff on here for your entertainment. (Well, hopefully you will be entertained).

So this is basically to let everyone know where they can get my articles now. If you aren't familiar with this blog, well, now you know. I am working on some new fiction that will be appearing here as well and some TV thoughts, music thoughts and other generic stuff. Hopefully you will enjoy it.


We just returned from our yearly trip to Saskatchewan, where as usual we had a nice, relaxing two weeks. Clearwater Lake really is in the middle of nowhere. From Houston, it's a two and a half hour flight to Minneapolis, a two hour flight to Regina, and a four-hour drive to the lake from there. But it is a wonderful, relaxing place. (The photo below is our view from the lake house).

The closest town is Kyle, population 500 (roughly). And yes, the photo below is from one of our few restaurant choices. I don't know why I find it so funny, but I do.

Believe it or not, the Chinese food was really decent. I never got around to trying Heidi's burger.

Anyway, thanks for reading and expect a lot of sports and non sports here starting very soon. Really.


Anonymous said...

So now you're Old Fred. That says something about those of us who knew you as Young Fred. And it ain't pretty.

kylenstevesmom said...

Hey Mr. Fred. See you in November!

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